Personalized Signs for the Discerning Toddler

This isn’t so much a project or a tutorial as simply a set of links. If your toddlers like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse anywhere near as much as mine do, you’ve probably considered doing some sort of Mickey activity, whether for a birthday party or a more everyday thing.

clubhouseI’ll assume that most readers will probably put this to a more elegant, impressive use than I did: My son likes to hide and play in the niche between our bar cabinet and the kitchen wall. He spends so much time there that we’ve started calling it his clubhouse. I think you can see where this is going.

If you’d like to make your own sign, whether for somebody’s every day fort or for place holders at a birthday party or a door sign or whatever, here’s what I did.

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A Day In The Life: 14 Months

I’m late in posting this, and bad at blogging in general. I’ll try to be better.

A lot changed very quickly between 12 and 14 months for us. Weaning has begun to happen with a vengeance, and nap time is a question mark every day. Plus, the weather abruptly warmed up, so we are out of the house a lot now. I am beginning to get the impression that these Day in the Life posts, for however long I continue to do them, will get less and less structured. Here’s roughly how our days go, though.

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