A Day In The Life: 2 Years

It’s been a while since I wrote up one of these, and we’re settled into a schedule that we’ll be keeping until probably September or so, at least, so it seems like a good time. The twins are now almost two (at the end of the month), so I’m calling this our two-year schedule. Since the last time I wrote one of these, we’ve committed to being more active; PB’s diagnosed social delays have all but vanished now that we’re regularly going to meetups, playdates, and other social exercises where he can interact with other kids. It seems his issue was mostly lack of experience combined with a bit of innate introvertedness (the poor boy is overshadowed by the rest of us violent extroverts around here). So he can sometimes get a little overwhelmed by crowds, but he self-manages really well and (so far) hasn’t ever really melted down. He just finds a quiet corner to decompress for a few minutes and then throws himself back into the fray. (Previously, he spent most of the time at any gathering playing by himself in a corner and didn’t interact with other children. Now he loves other kids, especially big kids.)

So. Here’s how we spend our day. And yes, we still have a firm schedule! Another twin parent recently said to us, “You don’t mess with the twin schedule. People just don’t understand.” I laughed, because it’s true. (To be fair, it’s not JUST twins – but every twin parent I know has learned to love the schedule!) This is primarily our weekday schedule – weekends can be a little different depending on what we have planned, but we still generally hit all the same benchmarks.

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