Extra(s)! Read All About Them!

This overly excitable headline is to tell you that I have finally (FINALLY!) finished the Edgebourne family tree. Not only have I finished it, I’ve posted it! It now has its very own page under a shiny new drop-down menu under ‘Books’ at the top of the page. (I literally discovered TODAY that I could turn the Books tab into a drop-down, after wistfully thinking about it for weeks and not actually checking to see if I could. Oops.)

But I’m also including it here, for those of you who are lazy and/or following me through some kind of feed and/or have horrible finger sprains which make extra clicks excruciatingly painful.

Look! It’s so pretty! And finished! (And in case you weren’t sure, that fellow in the very bottom left, Lord Westfield, is the hero of Thieves’ Honor. Coming out May 4th, you should definitely read it, etc. etc.)

edgebourne family tree

The new page is labeled ‘Extras,’ which of course is plural. Stay tuned for more fun stuff to be added there after the book comes out!


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