Babies’ First Birthday Party: Construction

My husband really, really wanted me to title everything about this party ‘We Built These Babies.’ I refused. You’re welcome. We’ve decided to go with a construction theme for the babies’ first birthday party – mostly because we were making the decision during a week when we began to refer to them as the demolition crew, because they destroy EVERYTHING. Two babies at once means that a lot of toys that would be fine for one active child just get demolished instantaneously. We’ve learned to live with it.

But I digress. We thought that a construction/demolition party would be a) fun; b) not a huge amount of work; c) gender neutral; and d) not ridiculously twee. (That last is my criterion alone; my husband has spent the last week pinning increasingly cute party ideas and cake decorating tutorials on his new Pinterest boards, so I’m fighting a losing battle.)

construction birthday party

Without further adieu, here are the basics we decided on for our construction-themed birthday party – everything but the cake. The cake is a surprise. I was told in no uncertain terms that I’m not allowed to post anything about the cake until after the party. It’s possible that in introducing my overachiever husband to the world of Pinterest parenting, I’ve created a monster.

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Organized Life: Grocery Shopping

Even before we had children, I grocery shopped a lot. I like to cook, and we have people over a lot – brunches, football, game nights, you name it. Now that we have two little bottomless pits eating everything we can put in front of them, I’m on a first-name basis with the cashier.

Okay, I won’t lie, I was on a first-name basis with the cashier before. I like to talk to people. It drives my husband insane.

When you do a lot of grocery shopping, you learn the virtue of an organized list. (Also when you make a lot of lists. Shout out to my fellow Virgos.) Separating your grocery list by department is something I’ve shouted from the rooftops for years. It makes it SO much easier to make sure that you’re getting everything you need in one efficient run through the store.

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Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Now that the holidays are over and everyone has opened their gifts, I can belatedly show you what we gave the grandparents – my mom and his parents – for Christmas this year. I wanted to do a ‘baby’s first ornament’ for each baby, but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t silly when I was shopping. So I started haunting Pinterest, like you do. There were a lot of recipes for salt dough. But then – lo! A really cute idea, from a fellow twin mom: photo block ornaments!

ornament 2Here, roughly, is what I did: I bought two-inch wooden blocks from Michaels and painted their edges with some spare black paint I dug up from one of the drawers in my craft room (I have started a LOT of projects, is all I’m saying). I found a representatively cute picture of each baby and sized it to 2×2 in Photoshop (if you don’t have Photoshop, everything I did is do-able in other programs, I promise). Then I hunted down some cute backgrounds and Christmas-y fonts – this was probably the most fun part and I might have downloaded way more fonts than I needed – and made some more 2×2 squares, one with each baby’s name and the year, and one with just each child’s initial. Finally, I scanned in their wee baby footprints from the hospital and sized them to 2×2 as well.

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