Personalized Signs for the Discerning Toddler

This isn’t so much a project or a tutorial as simply a set of links. If your toddlers like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse anywhere near as much as mine do, you’ve probably considered doing some sort of Mickey activity, whether for a birthday party or a more everyday thing.

clubhouseI’ll assume that most readers will probably put this to a more elegant, impressive use than I did: My son likes to hide and play in the niche between our bar cabinet and the kitchen wall. He spends so much time there that we’ve started calling it his clubhouse. I think you can see where this is going.

If you’d like to make your own sign, whether for somebody’s every day fort or for place holders at a birthday party or a door sign or whatever, here’s what I did.

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Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Now that the holidays are over and everyone has opened their gifts, I can belatedly show you what we gave the grandparents – my mom and his parents – for Christmas this year. I wanted to do a ‘baby’s first ornament’ for each baby, but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t silly when I was shopping. So I started haunting Pinterest, like you do. There were a lot of recipes for salt dough. But then – lo! A really cute idea, from a fellow twin mom: photo block ornaments!

ornament 2Here, roughly, is what I did: I bought two-inch wooden blocks from Michaels and painted their edges with some spare black paint I dug up from one of the drawers in my craft room (I have started a LOT of projects, is all I’m saying). I found a representatively cute picture of each baby and sized it to 2×2 in Photoshop (if you don’t have Photoshop, everything I did is do-able in other programs, I promise). Then I hunted down some cute backgrounds and Christmas-y fonts – this was probably the most fun part and I might have downloaded way more fonts than I needed – and made some more 2×2 squares, one with each baby’s name and the year, and one with just each child’s initial. Finally, I scanned in their wee baby footprints from the hospital and sized them to 2×2 as well.

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