Things I Am Not Writing

Oh, hi, blog. It’s been a while. I owe you some recipes and a day in the life post that’s a month overdue. Sorry about that.

In the meantime, let’s talk about writing! I went to a blurb/back cover copy workshop with the Maryland Romance Writers last week, and it was fabulous. I struggled mightily with a blurb for the book I’m actually working on – the historical fantasy I submitted to a contest a few months ago. It needs to get done! With help, I managed to finally come up with something decent (more on that another time) – but then I was inevitably distracted.

On the back burner, I have a contemporary romance series fizzling around in my brain. The first one is based on one of my favorite historical romance plots – the marriage of convenience. I moved it to the only place I could think of that was a modern equivalent to duke-heavy Victorian London: celebrity-heavy Hollywood, of course.

The entire series is Hollywood-based, and on the way home from the workshop, I came up with great blurbs for THREE of the books in it. None of which I’m supposed to be writing right now.

And then today, in the shower, a scene with the heroine of book four showed up in my head. I gave in and wrote it down, because I really like her. But after this, I swear, it’s back to the dukes.

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Writing Regency – With Extra Magic

As a reader, there’s not much I love more than a good historical romance. And yes – I confess it – I love the ones with titled heroes. I’m a nerd for a duke, what can I say. But I came to reading romance pretty late – my first love, as it happens, is fantasy. So combining the two is pretty much a no-brainer for me.

My favorite romance writers are the light-hearted ones: Lisa Kleypas and Julia Quinn are my favorites, by far. I feel the same way about fantasy; epic sword-and-sorcery has never been my jam.

So when I thought about writing my own historical romance, I thought I’d like to see some magic in Mayfair.

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