Home Sweet Home: Perfect Roast Chicken

The first meal I cook in any new kitchen is roast chicken. It’s a genetic thing, I can’t escape it. A house is not a home until a roast chicken has been made and consumed therein.

Which is to say, we have moved. And I have made roast chicken. So we live here now.


(Confession: This picture is actually of the roast chicken I made when we finished renovating the kitchen in our old house – the first meal I cooked in that new kitchen, of course. I was not organized enough to take a picture of the chicken I made here in the new house, but rest assured it looked very similar. And was delicious.)

Moving was chaotic, as moving always is. A snafu with the utility company wound up forcing us to postpone our move by a week literally the day before we were to move – there were many panicked phone calls to movers and childcare and the like. Fortunately, it all worked out – we moved out of our old house and into the new one, and spent a hectic week or so cleaning and touching up paint and getting the last projects done at the old house once it was empty. Then our renter moved in, paid her rent, and we took some deep breaths and turned our attention to unpacking the first priority: the kitchen. (Although we did find a fantastic Italian takeout place five minutes away. New York style pizza and fresh pasta, be still my heart!)

With roast chicken in hand (or in fridge, as the case may be) and a few more rooms unpacked, we’re starting to finally settle in. The babies’ room is nearly done – just a few pieces of artwork to hang and it’ll be even better than their old room. The office is finally unpacked, thank goodness, as I need to get back to writing Duncan’s story – I left the poor Earl of Kilgoran deep in an argument with a very pretty witch the day before we made an offer on this house and haven’t written a word since! More on that at a later date, I suspect.

In the meantime, if you’re needing some comfort or just a way to feel like you belong, here’s my roast chicken. Loosely based on Ina’s, of course.

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Chaos! Sheer Chaos!

Every moment of every day right now is 90 percent me resisting the urge to flail my arms wildly and shriek CHAOS! into the heavens, and maybe two percent actually getting anything done. (Obviously the other eight percent is thinking about food.)

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Little Projects

With the prospect of moving looming, it’s time to finish all those little house projects that seem to never get done. It’s a little strange; we’ve done massive, massive renovations, but somehow we just seem to stall out on the little finishing details. Like, we were able to complete an entire kitchen renovation in the first trimester of my pregnancy, and managed to get the whole thing done in time to host Thanksgiving – but two years later, we still hadn’t hung the door to the coat closet.


Well, tonight that changed.

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Things About Moving I Am Looking Forward To

We’re officially on the hunt for a new house. A bigger one, in a better school district. We’ve given ourselves lots of time (those of you who have followed me here from Ancestral Pile may remember that it took us two years to agree on dining room chairs, so agreeing on an entire house needs some major lead time), but we’re definitely in the market and looking. As the prospect of moving looms closer with every open house or agent showing we go to, I’ve been getting excited about the thought of living somewhere else.

Here’s a list of some of the things I’m really looking forward to about moving.

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