The Mathematical Gambit is available now!

My life has been sheer chaos lately, but I’m happy to be able to surprise you, gentle readers, with a new release! That’s right. Miss Anastasia Galipp, the finest spy the Home Office has ever let loose in Mayfair, is back, with a new adventure and some new feelings to explore regarding her very handsome wizard partner, Simon Armistead. The Galipp Files, Book 2: The Mathematical Gambit, is available on most major ebook retailers for just 99 cents, and I’m excited for you to read it!

You’ll find the book’s description and buy links right here. (And if you missed the first book in the series, The Star of Anatolia, it’s right here! With a shiny new cover to celebrate!)

On Developing Authorial Presence

I don’t actually mean Authorial Presence in the sense of imposing upon a room like a be-jacketed tweed-peddler (although that’s certainly something to aspire to – must invest in horn-rimmed glasses soon). I mean it in the sense of pulling together an online presence, something pretty crucial to being a Real Live Published Author these days (I mean, assuming you want to sell books. Which I do.).

But Jamaila, you say, you have an online presence already! It’s true. I do. And I’m delightful. But! There’s more to having a decent author online presence than just talking about your lunch on Twitter, it turns out. (However: if anybody wants to pay me money to keep tweeting about my food and posting ridiculous pictures of my children, hit me up.)

Fair warning: this post will be long, and it is all author stuff. If you come here solely for the food and babies, you may want to skip this one.

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Writing Regency – With Extra Magic

As a reader, there’s not much I love more than a good historical romance. And yes – I confess it – I love the ones with titled heroes. I’m a nerd for a duke, what can I say. But I came to reading romance pretty late – my first love, as it happens, is fantasy. So combining the two is pretty much a no-brainer for me.

My favorite romance writers are the light-hearted ones: Lisa Kleypas and Julia Quinn are my favorites, by far. I feel the same way about fantasy; epic sword-and-sorcery has never been my jam.

So when I thought about writing my own historical romance, I thought I’d like to see some magic in Mayfair.

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