A Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers!

It’s that time of year! I don’t know about you, but I’m deep into holiday shopping and planning. Something you may or may not know about me is that I have a deep love of spreadsheets, and I personally think there’s an organizational tool for every occasion. If you’ve been looking for a way to corral your holiday gift shopping and spending, I have a free downloadable spreadsheet for you! I post a reminder about it every year, because I love to help people learn to love the spreadsheet life.

And if you’re looking to help fill it in? Well, how about a book-lover’s holiday gift guide? I’ve teamed up with several other writers to hunt down gift suggestions for all of the book-lovers on your list – and maybe even for you! Keep reading for lots of great ideas!

50 (5)

1. Kindle Oasis $249.99

The new Kindle Oasis is the e-reader we’ve been waiting for, and it’s already been added to my Christmas list. Waterproof with built-in Audible, this 8GB WiFi-enabled reader will allow you to read your favorite historical romance novels in comfort and style.

Contributed by Cecelia Mecca, author of Medieval Romance

2. Purple Agate Bookends $32

Make your bookcase stand out with these gorgeous agate bookends, adding to the gems that you already have on your shelves. There are a variety of colors and RockParadise often runs a holiday discount.

Contributed by Emily Murdoch, author of Medieval, Regency, and Western historical romances

3. Literary Scarves $48

Get all wrapped up in a classic story and show some literary love with these bookish infinity scarves. Choose between Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre, or Alice in Wonderland.

4. The Book Seat $40

Fed up getting cold hands holding your book in bed at night? Or do heavy books make your fingers sore? The Book Seat hands-free book holder is the perfect answer! Prop your book – or eReader – on the beanbag and the only time you’ll need to move a finger is to turn the page!

Contributed by Belle McInnes, author of Scottish historical romance

5. Literary Gifts for Book Lovers and Readers $18-45

Jewelry becomes even more romantic with inscriptions of popular book quotes. A favorite is a necklace etched with Mr. Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth Bennett. There are many handcrafted pieces of jewelry with a variety of quotes to choose from.

Contributed by Ellie St. Clair, author of Regency romance

6. Bordeaux Journal $13

These stunning gilded journals make a beautiful gift for any book lover. From Peter Pauper Press: “Luminous detailing in the forms of iridescent and gold foil highlights and gilded-gold page edging make this lovely journal shine.”

Gift idea from Ashley Merrick, author of sweet western historical romance

7. There’s Always Time for Tea$12.50

The idea of “tea time” is a luxurious concept, but it needn’t take an hour or be accompanied by a fox hunt. Treat yourself to a daily dose of antiquity with this literary set of 25 teabags. Each English Breakfast teabag is individually tagged with beloved quotes from your favorite authors.

Gift idea from K. C. Bateman, author of Regency Historical ‘Secrets & Spies’ series

8. Bookworm Necklace $32

Featuring the quote every historical romance reader self-identifies with, this gorgeous, simple necklace is handmade in England. “She is too fond of books, and it has turned her mind.” And yes – the artist offers it in both gold and silver, and even has a few other famous literary quotes available!

Gift idea from Jamaila Brinkley, author of historical fantasy romance

9. ‘All Those Who Wander’ Art Print $12.99

Take a book quote and early 20th-century dictionary pages out of the book and onto the wall with these prints from Vintage Art Co. I love the quotes, but images are also available! Each print is one of a kind.

Audrey Adair is the author of Scottish and time travel Historical Romance

10. Book Subscription Boxes (various)

For this, our bonus tenth gift, I picked something that I confess I’d probably get for myself in addition to giving as a gift. Subscription boxes are a huge deal right now, and what could be better than new books every month? There are several different options, depending on your taste in books – from YA to romance to literary fiction. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • OwlCrate (YA books and swag!)
  • Ever After Box (A different romance themed box every month!)
  • Muse Monthly (Literary fiction with a focus on debut authors and marginalized voices!)
  • PageHabit (Books annotated by the authors, in multiple genres!)

I hope this guide has given you a few ideas for your shopping! I know I’ve gotten several ideas for the book-lovers on my list (and maybe a few things for yours truly…). Enjoy!

Stocking Stuffers and Gifts for Babies

In our mixed-faith household, we take the opportunity to celebrate lots of holidays. Specifically, we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas around here – which means there’s a lot of present shopping to do! To make our shopping list manageable – and try to make sure our children don’t turn into spoiled monsters – we agreed on a Hanukkah budget: eight gifts, but each gift can only cost ten dollars or less.  Larger gifts are put under the tree for Christmas.

I have bought Hanukkah gifts for my husband for years (I will freely admit that it started out as the rankest bribery to get him to participate in the holiday, though I continued long after he was happily settled into our mix-’em-up lifestyle). This year, though, we welcomed our twins – and I had sixteen more small, inexpensive gifts to buy. It was harder than I expected it to be – babies don’t have hobbies!

So I’ve put together this list of some of the things I got, as both Hanukkah gifts and stocking stuffers – they tend to be the same sort of thing in our household, little gifts. This list is intended for babies between six and twelve months old – our twins are ten months old at this writing, but have used some of the things on here for a few months. If you’re still looking for some last minute stocking stuffers, I hope this list can help you out!

stocking stuffers ideas for babies

  • 1. First Years Massaging Teether: This is currently my daughter’s absolute favorite toy. While she was (painfully, agonizingly, loudly) cutting her first three (!) teeth, chewing on this thing was the only thing that kept her happy. Now that the pain is over, she still loves it, and will chew on it and rock gently like a tiny serial killer.
  • 2. Puffs: By 6 months, your baby is probably starting solids! Once they’ve mastered the pincher grasp, they’ll devour puffs as fast as you can put them down. We save them for a periodic treat – or a distraction for photo-taking – as they don’t have much in the way of nutritional value. Bonus: if you check the grocery store during November and December, they often have adorable holiday packaging. Ours have little penguins in scarves on them.
  • 3. Num Num Dips: Whether you’re doing baby-led weaning or traditional purees, this spoon is a great tool to help your baby learn to self-feed. It has shapes for messy food to cling to, so it won’t simply slide off when your baby turns the spoon in every direction. Bonus: the tip is silicone, and boy do babies love to chew on silicone things.
  • 4. Safety First Finger Toothbrush: As soon as baby gets a few teeth, it’s time to start making sure they stay clean. A finger toothbrush is great, and a fun gift. This one also has a ‘gum stimulator,’ and comes with a storage case which we will probably lose by next week.
  • 5. Rubber Frog Family: Rubber duckies, froggies, and other bath time friends are great small gifts. We gave one twin a set of ducks, and the other a set of frogs. Soon our bathtub will be host to armies.
  • 6. No-Skid Socks: If your baby is anything like ours, they are on their feet as much as possible. Whether they’re pulling up, cruising, standing, or walking, a cute pair of socks (or three) make a fun gift, and the no-skid bottoms will help with their stability. Bonus: Babies also like to chew on socks. FYI.
  • 7. Nuby No-Spill Sippy Cups: We were shocked at how quickly our babies were able to grasp how to use these. It took them all of two days to be tiny sippy cup masters – they went from chewing on the spout confusedly, to lying on their backs drinking (and occasionally spitting in the air like little fountains, for fun), to figuring out how to tilt the cup back while sitting up.
  • 8. Munchkin Twisty Teether: You can never have enough things for babies to chew on, let’s be honest. This one also lets them twist and manipulate bits of it.

Disclaimer: All Amazon links on this site are now affiliate links; if you purchase something I’ve recommended after clicking through from here, a tiny bit of money happens to me.